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Designing the Forcer by Gaboris Designing the Forcer by Gaboris
Some of my friends supported me that I should put some of my new "works" up. I'm not all that proud about these, but it shows I'm not dead yet. :XD:

This is my third gear design planned for my Futurebie game idea.
It's not so detailed like the other ones before with plans and variations since the first or second design fitted the final idea.
This one is the Forcer and it's a non lethal projectile weapon that is only used to repel enemies like a force push(Yeah I'm not all that original, sue me. :p).

It's basically a tube and as my previous gears it uses non motorized free moving parts and kinetic energy to activate and deactivate. Firing works like a balloon, inside the pressure chamber(the part around the hand) a special force is built up and stored till it get's released and blows out at the open part.

Other designs:
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Comical1 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you are really good at drawing hands, I like how you illustrated it inside the chamber
Gaboris Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012
Gawww, shucks. Gehehe. :blush:
The hands aren't that good or at least I can only do them from a profile so far so if I get to make my other plans then I'll still have to work a lot on those, but thx for the compliment. ;)
DeathbyChiasmus Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I like the cutaway that shows how the hand fits inside. Very engineering-y.
Gaboris Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011
Yaaay a fave! Thx. :la:

Yeah I kinda have a thing(perversion) for these engineer drawings, maybe cuz my brain can only imitate 3D or something like that, I don' know. :XD:

BTW how did ya find me? Just some random encounter? :D
DeathbyChiasmus Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Imitating 3D is the best thing! Even with their simplified shapes, I try to make sure that the contours of my cartoon characters look like they have actual mass to them. You know? Like they're taking up real space, instead of just sitting flat on the page.

I am basically in the business of lying to everyone's eyeballs.

Anyway, I saw you commenting on Owen Heitmann's comics, and I wondered if there were any other comics you regularly commented on, so I googled "gaboris." Which, in turn, led me to your Deviantart page. Tadaaaah!
Gaboris Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
Yeah it's cool and you're doing a good job with it so keep it up. :D
My problem is that I'm bad doing it dynamically, so I'm mostly stuck to squares and side view things... only for now I hope. :meow:
If you look at another pic of mine where I actually drew a human character, it's almost flat like a cardboard, BUT I'm kinda proud of it cuz that was the first time I drew a human(right on the computer) and it didn't turn into a Supermutant. :XD:

Ah yeah if I can remember right I found him through you. :D BTW you can find me on a lot of comics commenting. Right now I read a bit over 30 comics, comment on half of them AND I got about 100 waiting for me to start reading not to mention the ones here on DA. Yeah I don' have a life, but I'm still fine. :p
I also use this name for most places as a username if it's not already taken, but so far that only happened about 2-3 times, but WOW I was actually googled? YAAAY! I feel special! :la:
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